Manchester Hope Outreach began in January of 2015 by Jennifer Neel.

For nine years, Jennifer has worked for a local church and has come in contact with many people in need of assistance. Jennifer started to feel that because she witnessed so many people coming in needing help, she was becoming indifferent towards the needs of the community. She began to pray for God to open her eyes and help her see people through His eyes. This lead Jennifer and her son (13 at the time) to volunteer at the Nashville Rescue Mission. They started volunteering at the mission regularly.

Around the same time, Jennifer also joined the leadership team for an event that happens in her community once a year. The event is for people in need of medical/dental services, clothing, toiletries, etc.

As the years went by and Jennifer continued to volunteer with the rescue mission and the community event, she really felt God working on her to begin a community outreach program that would be available to help the Manchester community year round.

Since starting in January, Manchester Hope Outreach has been able to hold two community outreach events, start a monthly clothing closet, serve a monthly dinner to those in need, start a job assistance program, and start a ministry that delivers food once a week to people living in local hotels.

Manchester Hope Outreach is a ministry under the parent organization, Trinity Baptist Church.


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