The Hidden Faces of Pain

During any given month, we minister to about one hundred people or more in the community. As time passes, we are beginning build relationships and view little glimpses into the lives of the these individuals. We are able to spend more time praying with them over family issues, sickness, and other struggles they’re having.

At one of the outreach dinners about a month ago,  I had the opportunity to pray with a man who’s been coming with his family to our outreaches for quite some time. This man is always smiling and always very polite, but things were a little different this particular night. The man who always has a smile on his face was still smiling, but behind that smile he was dealing with the pain of loss and rejection.

As I took the time to walk around and talk to people, I stopped and talked to him. He asked me to pray with him about this particular situation. After praying with him, I shared some of my testimony and how my relationship with Jesus has been the only constant in my life… and the only reason I’ve gotten through everything life has thrown my way. As I’m sharing this, he breaks down crying.

At that moment…seeing the hurt and pain he was dealing with, I was reminded of how desperately our community needs to know the one Person who is the very definition of love. I was reminded of how lonely and hopeless my life was before I met Jesus.

Please pray for our volunteers as we continue building relationships with our Manchester community and doors are opened for us to share the one and only true source of hope.

~Jennifer Neel, Director 


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